February 24, 2016

LPCA History

Some members new to the community may not be aware of why and how this community association was formed, so we will provide a brief history of our inception.

In the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) of 1993, the Erlton Community Association at that time made the delineation of North and South Erlton areas, divided by 25th Avenue.  South Erlton was to remain essentially single family homes with no multi-family complexes, and North Erlton would be strictly high density multi-family developments.   Because of this geographic division, we realized that our area north of 25th Avenue had unique issues compared to those faced by residents south of 25th Avenue (approving infill developments, etc).  Consequently, this became the natural delineation for the Lindsay Park Community Association, which is bounded by 25th Avenue on the south, Macleod Trail on the east and the Elbow River on the north and west, and which was formed in 2008.

As the LPCA community is comprised of condominium corporations and high density housing, it was felt that the support of the Condominium Boards was crucial, both in terms of success and communication flow to the respective condo residents.  Support for membership was given by all five of the Condominium Corporations’ Boards (Waterford A/B, Waterford C/D, River Grande Estates, River Run I and River Run II).  The Corporations all agreed to pay the membership dues ($5 per unit per year) on behalf of their respective residents, with the condition that all membership funds paid would be used exclusively and solely for the benefit of Lindsay Park Community (beautification programs, landscaping, etc.)   The majority of LPCA residents also signed a petition in 2009 acknowledging that they supported the Lindsay Park Community Association.

Anthem Development

One of the most important things facing our small community is the development by Anthem Properties, located on the two blocks between Macleod Trail and Erlton Road.

  • The City of Calgary Planning Committee has approved the Development Permit Application and appeals must be submitted prior to February 25, 2016, as per notice in the Calgary Herald on February 11, 2016.
  • LPCA has been issued a set of Development Plans from the City, and any residents wishing to see those plans are urged to contact lpca@telus.net.
  • The Lindsay Park Community Association is not planning on submitting an appeal as we feel our voices have been heard and our suggestions incorporated into the design and planning stages.
  • There were minor changes made to the original plans, which included adding office space facing east (Macleod Trial). Other changes included bylaw relaxations, such as adding additional visitor parking, commercial parking, and bicycle parking, and increasing setbacks. Overall, the look and feel has relatively stayed the same as on the conceptual drawings Anthem showed at the last community engagement meeting. The interface on 25th and MacLeod Trail has improved as further pedestrian improvements have been added.
  • One of the final requirements before approval was the Special Development Agreement (the agreement between Anthem and the City regarding the pedestrian overpass from North Erlton to the Erlton C-Train station). This agreement has been finalized and includes cost sharing between the city and the developer. The final design is not yet set, but the city may add additional funding because the bridge is in a quite prominent and visible location
  • LPCA ensured that major tractor-trailer truck traffic must enter and exit the development along Macleod Trail. Northbound tractor-trailers wanting to enter the development must head north of 25th Avenue along Macleod, and then circle back to southbound Macleod to enter the development via the slip road.
  • LPCA has stressed that significant traffic calming measures will be required in the neighbourhood to reduce shortcutting and traffic speed.
  • Although necessitated by the development, all LPCA residents should be aware that it is the City that is pushing for a traffic light at Erlton Road and 25th This light will undoubtedly cause an increase in traffic on Erlton Street. The city will not implement a “temporary light” at Erlton Road to help predict and study traffic patterns, as the longer term plan is to coordinate the light with Macleod and 25th. The city representatives stated that without this synchronization, a temporary light would not yield any useful planning information.
  • There are many issues sitting with the City of Calgary with respect to the intersection of Macleod Trail and 25th We’ve been advised that nothing significant will be done to further assess that situation until development begins. We’ve had multiple discussions with the City on adjusting the C-Train schedule to better synchronize with the traffic lights. Some improvements have been made and the intersection continues to be studied by the City.
  • Anthem is starting to move trailers onto the site for a sales centre, which is planned to open in the fall
  • Stampede parking will be continued on the vacant land this year

The LPCA executive has been working on several ‘behind the scenes’ initiatives on a variety of issues.    In the meantime, we are urging residents to think of innovative things or initiatives you would like to see in the community.  The opportunities are endless for us to create a truly unique, recognizable urban community.

We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns or wish to provide feedback on any matter, please provide them to the LPCA Board at LPCA@telus.net.   Also please provide us with your email (if you have not already done so) to ensure you receive all updates, news, etc. in a timely fashion directly to your mailbox.

Don’t forget to check out our website:   http://lindsayparkcommunity.ca/

Best regards,

LPCA Board of Directors